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I did this for a class project this past week and thought I would share it with you.  If you or your company are interested in how to monitor how good or bad your company is doing in the world of social media, Radian6 can help you discover actual numbers.  This will allow you to decide how best to proceed to make the necessary changes.



The Radian6 dashboard is a flexible, web-based social media monitoring and engagement platform that lets you view relevant conversations happening around your brand and products in real time. They aggregate those conversations – saving you lots of legwork – and put them into visuals that make analysis and measurement meaningful and actionable.  The Radian6 Engagement Console will let you assign, route, and tag posts, and respond to posts from your desktop.

Manage your social media monitoring:

  • Comprehensive Coverage will let you scour more than 150 million public sites and sources including blogs and comments, forums, mainstream online news publications, public photos and videos. And they monitor the open Facebook API and they pull in every tweet through the Twitter Firehose. The Radian6 dashboard gathers it all for you in real time, so you’ll never miss a meaningful post.
  • Social Media Metrics where you can look at your brand or topic through the unique lens of social media, and the specific measurements and metrics that matter in that context. View coverage and mentions by vote count, comment count, Twitter followers, sentiment, media type and more. Look specifically at influencer data to understand who’s got clout in your industry and what they’re saying.
  • Data Filtering and Segmentation can configure your own dashboard widgets or choose from more than 40 preconfigured widgets in the gallery. Drill down into several layers of detailed information on your profile results: segment them by media type, geographic region, language, and engagement statistics. Count links, social media metrics, percent change over time and sources to connect the dots around your social media activity.
  • Workflow Management you can use workflow management in the River of News, or in our Engagement Console to scale listening across your organization. Assign posts to team members. Add internal notes, flag priority, categorize and classify posts. Set up an “online caller ID” system with post and source tags, schedule alerts, and report on engagement activity right from the dashboard.
  • Social CRM and Web Analytics Integration where you can tie your dashboard into your SalesForce.com database and create contacts, leads, and support cases right from your River of News. Use our Google Analytics, WebTrends and Omniture integrations to view social media results through the lens of web stats. Understand the context and content that drives action on your website, and connect social media with your sales pipeline.
  • Easy Set-Up so you can take advantage of the Quickstart topic profile set-up tool and Widget Gallery to get up and running in the dashboard quickly. Select topic profile keywords, then quickly apply filters and get an estimated monthly result volume. Once your topic profile is set, use the Widget Gallery to build your dashboard and get started tracking and analyzing in no time.
  • Automated Sentiment Analysis you can get a first glance at whether chatter about your topic is positive, negative, or neutral with automated sentiment analysis. Specify sentiment keywords in your topic profile, and use your dashboard widgets to analyze macro trends and understand sentiment changes over time. And of course, manually adjust sentiment results to fine tune them to your criteria.
  • Historical Data with 30 days of immediate historical data is available with each topic profile, and long-range historical data is available upon request. Every month, your historical results on active profiles accrue in an unlimited archive at no additional cost. That means you can access, analyze, and report on your profile’s entire history, for as long as it’s active.
  • Easy Reporting for sharing data and insights from your Radian6 topic profile is simple. Copy your dashboard to your teammates or supervisors to show them what you’re hearing and seeing, and how your activities are impacting results. Build and save multiple dashboards to segment and easily view data, and download or email dashboard, widget, or engagement reports.
  • Enterprise-level Scalability where the Radian6 dashboard integrates seamlessly with the Engagement Console to bring social media monitoring, engagement, and analysis to every desktop in your company. Both work in concert to feed data into your profile for tracking, reporting and analysis — and guarantee that your social media teams are in sync on the information that matters most to them.

Next-Generation Listening and Engagement:

Radian6 provides a next generation listening platform that includes the integration of social media monitoring and analysis with social CRM and web analytics.  By layering the richness of social media metrics atop referrer web analytic data, brands can see – independent of media type or source – not just what content is generating buzz across the web, but what content is generating website traffic, conversions, and sales. And with integration for the SalesForce.com service cloud, Radian6 users can see at a glance which content is coming from their customers and prospects, and add new contacts, cases and leads with a single click.

The New Radian6 Engagement Console:

It is the solution to scaling social media engagement across your organization. This desktop application helps your company listen, engage, and coordinate your outreach across teams and departments. It’s time to put the social phone on every desktop in the company. The Engagement Console:

  • Is a complete real-time social web client (yep, more than Twitter)
  • Helps you coordinate team social media engagement across the enterprise
  • Shows Radian6 topic profiles right alongside your personal or corporate Twitter and Facebook streams
  • Lets you set one-click workflow for frequently used post routing, assignment, and classification
  • Feeds data to your Radian6 dashboard for reporting and analysis

Enterprise Social Media Collaboration:

  • The Complete Social Web where you can build stacks for your complete Radian6 profiles, or filter by media type to keep an eye on your most important social channels. Launch searches within your stacks, filter by keyword, and focus your listening on relevant conversations. View conversations in a customer date range, or as things are happening in real-time.
  • Build a Listening Grid to create custom listening queues within your profiles and prioritize your outreach. Build stacks based on finely tuned topics, tagged lists, keywords, user assignment, or sentiment. See when your competitors or prospects are talking and what they’re saying..
  • Seamless Workflow where alongside your Radian6 stacks, open the Workflow to classify posts and tag them, adjust sentiment, and route them to key members of your team for follow up and engagement. While you’re working, see who else on your team is online.
  • Real-Time Coordination so you can see who else has a post selected and whether they’re responding – in real time. Do quick searches for user assignments. Pull up a stack of just your tasks to act on the posts assigned to you. And respond to Tweets, posts, threads, or blog comments right from the platform.
  • Reporting and Analysis where Radian6 stacks feature a snapshot time series for post volume on profiles. Click straight to your Radian6 dashboard, do analysis on social media metrics, segment data, and generate reports to connect the dots for social media measurement and ROI.
  • Complete Activity & Conversation History; see the conversation threads, in real time, as users respond. Keep the conversation history on record, and preserve the audit trail of interactions, responses, and notes to see the 360-degree view of the activity around a specific post.
  • Social Profiles where you can see a user’s full profile to get a 360-degree view of their online presence. And with a click, check out your conversation history and notes for that person, and add identifying source tags to give context to your ongoing interactions.
  • Efficiency and Productivity so you can build one-click workflow profiles to assign priority, status, sentiment and assignments to multiple posts with a single click. Share these macros with your entire team, or just those working with you on a project. Make your listening process faster and more efficient, and turn the social web into manageable and actionable insights.
  • Twitter Integration to skip the separate Twitter client, and build Twitter stacks right next to your Radian6 searches. Reply, retweet, and DM right from the platform from multiple Twitter accounts, browse Twitter profiles and follow new contacts, and shorten URLs automatically.
  • Facebook Integration to keep an eye on your company’s Facebook wall posts, status updates, new comments and “likes”. Or see the news feed for your Facebook friends and leave your own comments or status updates without leaving the Engagement Console.
  • Salesforce Chatter Support to stay in the loop inside your organization without ever having to leave the Engagement Console with our Chatter stack support. Developed by Salesforce.com, Chatter is an enterprise collaboration tool that allows users to communicate and share data in a secure and private environment.

In addition to all the above Radian6 has many more applications to complete your organization’s social media monitoring and engagement.  They include:

  • Make a case for social media
  • Crisis management
  • The lifecycle of Buzz
  • Uncover influencers
  • Benchmark the competition
  • 360 degrees of your brand
  • Capture industry trends
  • Social meets web analytics
  • Sales and lead generation
  • Create a listening grid
  • Customer service outreach
  • Find your brand evangelists
  • Listen when nobody’s talking




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